Can I print the pattern onto other items? Such as notebooks and phone accessories?

Yes, however there is a small additional fee which covers printing on notebooks, phone accessories etc.
You are currently only permitted to print onto fabric with my design.
If you wish to print onto other media, please purchase the "extended media" licence.
Please contact me if you have any questions via the contact page

Can I buy your designs already printed on fabric?

Yes, please click here to read where you can purchase my designs on fabric.

Can I print an element onto a T Shirt Panel?

Yes, However this requires a small additional fee.
Plus I will also need to send you the element/file on a separate file to the original design.

If you wish to print onto T Shirt Panels, please purchase the "extended media" licence.
Please contact me if you have any questions via the contact page

Do you have a renewal fee for licences?

No, however renewal fees are very common when licencing out work especially with pattern designers.

All non exclusive, exclusive and colourway designs on the website do not have a licence fee renewal.

All designs sold to date do not have a licence fee renewal (including customs)

Fabric suppliers do not have a licence fee renewal. They are only required to purchase a single licence.

I bought some of your mock ups, Can I use them on my website to showcase

Yes of course, you are welcome to use the mock ups on your instagram, etsy, website, leaflets etc

The fabric design shown on the images is just an example, you can simply overlay the PNG file on top of your pattern to show a preview with the fabric of your choice.

Please do not give away, sell or share the mock ups.

How do I use the mock ups?

I strongly recommend purchasing just one item first, to test out and see if you get to grips with using the items.

There is a "HOW TO USE" instagram highlight on my page @evelyns.fabric.design

Simply repeat your pattern on photoshop or mobile phone apps and overlay the file called (example) "USE ON TOP OF PATTERN romper"

You must use the PNG, the JPEG file is for your reference and if you want a blank template only. I am not obligated to provide help on how to use these items. Any further help will be charged at my freelance rate per hour.

My files keep being solid? There is no cut out for the pattern?

Please check you are using the PNG. If your phone is changing the file then unfortunately there isn't much I can do as the files work on photoshop, most phones and computer apps and I strongly recommend you only download one item (for example the snood for £1.99) to test it out on your computer or phone first.

I am however aware the iPhone's using icloud can sometimes make PNG's not transparent.

To read a solution I found click here

However I cannot offer any more help regarding technical issues, I can resend the files but you must make sure the iCloud option is turned off otherwise the same problem will happen or I suggest using a computer to use the files instead.

I recommend using apps like "grids" and "overlay" apps.

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

For terms and conditions please click the link in the footer menu

If you have any other questions please contact me via the contact page.

Thank you